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Trackhawk Warranty | Jeep SRT

Trackhawk Warranty | Jeep SRT

Trackhawk Warranty

The Jeep Trackhawk

The Jeep Trackhawk is stated to be “The hottest thing ever to wear a Jeep badge. Its Hellcat engine has mind-blowing acceleration and a soundtrack that raises a metaphorical middle finger to local noise ordinances” Quoted by  Link to Motortrend article (this will open in a new tab) This is more than a accurate statement! 707 horsepower is Insane! And all of this in a all wheel drive 4 door SUV. Jeep and SRT just can’t stop adding the horsepower. This SUV hits 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds and will run all the way up to 183 mph. All of this Insane performance is covered under a great Jeep Trackhawk Warranty.


Jeep Trackhawk Warranty

The Jeep Trackhawk despite its insane power and performance comes with the exact same type of warranty  a V6 model would. This makes this Jeep one of the most trusted high performance SUV’s on the market. Your 700 plus horsepower Powertrain has a remarkable 5 years and 60,000 miles of coverage. The basic warranty(referred to as the bumper-bumper) is good up to 3 years and 36,000 miles.

Jeep SRT


Jeep SRT Future? Will Stellantis Kill Jeep SRT?

What is Jeep SRT’s Future? And Is Stellantis Shutting Down SRT? There has been lots of reports of this circulating the web and amongst automotive enthusiast. However fact is SRT production is not going to stop. The SRT design team and engineers are being spread out amongst Stellantis Global organization and not fired. The CEO of the company is reported to be a devoted racer and has plans to grow the performance reputation of Jeep. Get more info on this from this great Motortrend article (this will open in a new tab) In Conclusion, Jeep SRT’s future looks safe for now. Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares is on record stating he is all for high performance vehicles throughout the company. Lets hope this leads to more exciting developments throughout the performance models.


Can You Get An Extended Warranty On A Jeep Trackhawk?

Can you get an extended warranty on a Jeep Trackhawk?  Do to the super high performance of the Jeep Trackhawk this is a very popular question. Yes you can get a extended warranty on any of the Jeep SRT vehicles including the Trackhawk. Most of the time you will be offered an extended warranty at the dealer. These are usually ridiculously over priced and most of the times are not the Mopar Extended Warranty. You should definitely look into an extended warranty for this type of vehicle.  The warranty pricing is extremely reasonable. Also it benefits you to look into this sooner than later. This is due to rates are cheaper before 1 year and under 12,000 miles among other reasons.

Trackhawk Extended Warranty

Used Trackhawk Extended Warranty

Can you get a Used Trackhawk Warranty? This is a great question and in short, Yes you can get an Extended Warranty on a used Trackhawk. After the mileage is over 12,000 miles or the vehicle is over 1 year from the original in service date the rates go up some. However the rates are still very reasonable considering the cost of repairing a 700 plus horsepower engine.


Jeep Trackhawk Extended Warranty Options

Here we go over the Jeep Trackhawk Extended Warranty Options. Being a 700 plus horsepower vehicle the high dollar powertrain should be your main concern. Mopar Powertrain Plus will take care of this at a really reasonable price. If you are lookin for a little better coverage and are ok with leaving out some of the smaller priced items you should look at the Mopar Added Care Plus. If you want to pay a little extra now and know that it is all covered you definitely want to go with the Mopar Maximum Care. All of these plans have a long list of covered components so to help with questions there are printable brochures below.

Printable Brochures


Visit Our Full Jeep Extended Warranty Site here.

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